Sunday, September 2, 2007


Here are a few of my one year goals:
1. I would like to start up a night club in Urbana that has an open mic for classical composers. Most open mic nights cater towards solo artists or bands, but I would like this one to allow composers to bring ensembles to play their original work. The composers would not be paid and would not be charged a fee; this would be a way for them to get free exposure. In the short term, I would research spaces for clubs--I need to find out the best location for this club, how much it is going to cost, and who I need to hire to make it feasible.

2. I'll start up my own improvisation group, preferably with musicians and dancers. We would perform at local arts festivals as well as have our own shows in clubs all across Illinois. In the short term, I'll talk to some dancers and musicians whom I know are interested in improvisation. We'll put together some rehearsals, either once or twice a week, and start hammering out our ideas.

3. I will create a musical theatre company dedicated to performing new musicals in Chicago. Composers and playwrights will bring their work to me, and my company will perform it. The company will consist of full-time actors and freelancing musicians--these musicians will be hired when the score calls for them. We will have a full time production staff as well--a director, producer, lighting, set designer, and any other staff that are needed. Our goal will be to break even--the members of the company will be paid, but the composers and playwrights will not. For this month, I'll research spaces for a theatre and try to find interested actors, producers, directors, musicians, and other staff members.

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Ellen Deutsch said...

Hey, I want to use you in my top 3! What's your email address?