Sunday, September 16, 2007

Compositions by Krugel

I am interested in starting up composition and orchestration business. It would be called Compositions by Krugel and would cater to writers and composers who write for film and musical theatre. Screenwriters are most often not composers as well, so they need someone to compose music for their films. Film scorers and musical theatre composers do not often have the time or the education to orchestrate their music for their intended instrumentation. Orchestrators often work for major motion pictures, but this business would cater specifically towards independent films and musical theatre projects. This would allow up-and-coming composers, playwrights, and screenwriters to create high quality art while not going over their budget.

The music that I compose or orchestrate for these films or musicals would be different than the average film or musical music in that it would use instrumentation and techniques that are not standard for these types of shows, yet the music would still reflect the mood of scene.

As a music composition student who has a great amount of experience with musical theatre composing and orchestration, as well as general knowledge of avant-garde composition, I am able to offer wide perspective on different types of instrumentation that would work well in movies and musicals. I am also well-versed in extended techniques for many different instruments; this knowledge allows me to experiment with a myriad of sounds that can create the mood composers and writers are looking for.

My business would charge a fee that is not exorbitant; my goal would be merely to be self-sustaining. I want to allow relatively unknown writers and composers to reach the general public with works of art having high quality music—without having to spend the amount of money big studios are allotted.

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