Sunday, September 23, 2007

Central Illinois Dance and Musical Collaboration Festival

Central Illinois Dance and Musical Collaboration Festival will be like no other festival in the Champaign-Urbana area. It will focus primarily on thrilling new art born from the artists at pre-Festival workshops while providing a fun event any family or group of friends can enjoy. Each summer, there will be two festivals. The first will focus on artists who have already collaborated and are looking for feedback, rehearsal space, and performance opportunity. The second will be geared towards artists who are looking to meet potential collaborators for the future and the duration of the Festival. Artists looking to participate in either festival will be appropriately screened.

During the pre-festival period, artists are given classes in collaboration and networking, apt rehearsal time and space, feedback from instructors and fellow artists, and an enormous audience at the Festival performance. By the end of the four weeks, each group of collaborators will have a piece of art to present at the Festival. The Festival will be a jam-packed day of eating, drinking, shopping, and art. Businesses that financially support the Festival will receive booth space in order to sell merchandise, food, drink, or practically anything else, drawing in guests from throughout the Midwest. .

Corie Patterson and Cheryl Krugel have teamed up to create Centraol Illinois Dance and Music Collaboratoration Festival. Patterson has 19 years experience in dance and a B.F.A. from the University of Illinois. She currently owns and operates Dream Big, a similar festival in the Joliet area. Krugel also has a Bachelor of Music in Composition from the University of Illinois. She has extensive experience in collaborating with dancers as a violist and as a composer. Krugel currently freelances as a composer, orchestrator, and violist. As artists, both Patterson and Krugel understand the difficulties of life outside of college. They want to provide a way for artists to broaden their collaborative contacts in the long term as well as work on current projects.

As an investor, a business can expect not only on the spot revenue at the booths but also an expansion in their customer base. The Festival will attract a large and diverse crowd. The Festival is looking to promote collaborative art by putting it in a very public arena. We do not believe that the artists should have to pay a large fee to participate in the Festival. Therefore, donations from local businesses will be used for any upfront costs including pre-Festival space, instructor compensation, Festival space, and Festival Performance logistics (i.e. stagehands, lights, stage, sound). These businesses will then be allowed to set up booths at the Festival to sell their items. In addition, ticket sales will cover extra costs as well as the promotion and expansion of the following year's Festival.

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